Michael Gray, PhD. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Albany, CA. (since 1984).   He is on the faculty of The Psychotherapy Institute of Berkeley.   He works with individuals, couples, families, and groups (group psychotherapy) from a developmental and psychodynamic perspective.   Solano Psychotherapy Associates consists of Dr. Gray and up to two psychological assistants and two marriage and family therapist  interns, working under the supervision of Dr. Gray.

FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Dr. Gray provides post graduate workshops, short courses, and on-going clinical case seminars for licensed mental health professionals for continuing education credits.  See the page “For Mental health Professionals” for upcoming offerings.

BACKGROUND: Dr. Gray grew up in Hawthorne, Nevada, attended the University of Nevada and received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, his first career for 12 years.   After moving up into management and taking several management courses, he became more interested in people, their motivations, difficulties, and interactions and began taking graduate courses in psychology at JFK University.  In 1980, he exchanged his full time engineering job for a part time consulting job and went full time to graduate school in psychology.  Dr. Gray received his masters in psychology in 1982 from John F. Kennedy University and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Professional School of Psychology in San Fransisco in 1985.   He was licensed as a Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist in 1984 and received his clinical psychology license in 1987.   Dr. Gray trained at the Solano Center in Albany under Doctors Stephen Goldbart and David Wallin, and has been in private practice there ever since.  He is dedicated to keeping up with the latest literature on psychodynamic psychotherapy, reading  professional journals regularly and attending an on-going clinical case training seminar, now it its 27th year.   He teaches and provides consultation for individual, couples, and group psychodynamic psychotherapy for The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley and Solano Pacific Training and Consultation in Albany.

CREDENTIALS: California Psychology license # PSY10328

  • American Psychological Association
  • California Association of Marriage, Family and Child Therapists
  • Faculty and Member of the Supervisors Committee of The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley, Ca.
  • Faculty and Consultant for Solano Pacific Training and Consultation

PERSONALLY: Dr. Gray enjoys reading and spends much of his time reading the latest literature in psychology.  He also enjoys spending time with his family.  With his wife he has two sons, two step-sons, and three grandchildren.  Together they enjoy playing music, skiing, golfing, whitewater rafting, and hiking.

SOLANO PSYCHOTHERAPY ASSOCIATES operates under the California psychology license of Dr. Michael Gray.   The following mental health practitioners are or have been working as members of Solano Psychotherapy Associates:

Dr. Kelsey Underwood has had a previous career as a cultural anthropologist and is currently accumulating her hours as a registered marriage, family, and child counselor under Dr. Gray’s license. She works with individual adults, couples, and adolescent girls and their families. Her previous career had provided her with a deep understanding of cultural issues, cross-cultural pressures, and personal and family problems related to the larger society. She focuses on and specializes in the challenges of holding different assumptions and beliefs in relationships, and helps people increase their capacity to work with these differences effectively while building richer connections. She also helps people who are experiencing loss through the deaths, moves, separations, and life transitions. She can be reached by phone at 510-900-9952.

Dr. Elizabeth Krainer, as of January, 2012,  Dr. Krainer has passed her California state licensing exam as a psychologist and has moved from her psych assistantship with Dr. Gray to her own private practice.   She can be  reached at (510)981-4563.

Dr. Kevin Orzech, as of June 18, 2010,  Dr. Orzech has passed his California state licensing exam as a psychologist and has moved from his psych assistantship with Dr. Gray to his own private practice.  He can be reached at (510)981-2187.

Jim Rosati, JD., MFT, as of January, 2013, Mr. Rosati has passed his California state licensing exam as an Marriage and Family Therapist and has moved from his internship with Dr. Gray to a private practice of his own in Berkeley.  He can be reached at (510)545-3876 and at www.Jimrosati.com.

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